Mark Tremblay's Top Albums of 2016

 OldeShallow Graves

Old dudes learning new tricks. “Shallow Graves” takes the jammy approaches of their past, and further refine it with guitar harmonies and pummeling riffs. The full review of EP can be found here.

Recommended Track: "The Turning"

Dead Tired- Vol.1

The Post-Alexisonfire band sees return with a more raw EP compared to their self-titled full length. It’s great to see George Petit fronting a Hardcore band that matches the intensity of his vocal delivery. Vol.1 showcases classic Hardcore, with a few twists. 

Recommended Track: "Can’t Shut it Off"

Lousy Riders- The Worst is Yet to Come

Kyuss worship with more sophistication. Lousy Riders is a smooth Stoner Metal throwback with vocals that cut like a hot knife through the murky dredge of low end. They have a debut LP set to come out next year. Be on the Look out for them. 

Recommended Track: "Dead End"


A blistering powerhouse of Grind, Hardcore, and Black Metal. This debut release doesn’t disappoint anyone familiar with the groups pedigree in Toronto underground music. The most interesting aspect, however, is its ambition to dive into elements of folk music and harsh noise not normally associated with their genre description. Ancress leaves nothing on the table when it comes to creating a fully realized first LP.

Recommended Track: "Seven Sorrows"


Lillim- Demo

Kirsten White crashes the boys club of Hardcore with one of the most diverse and refreshing demos of the year. Marrying Black Metal, Hardcore, and Grindcore while Kirsten White sings about destroying the patriarchy.

Recommended Track: "Prettiest Girl"

Harangue- No New Prey 

Off the heels of “By the Strength of the Mighty Atlas”, Harangue have returned with their new EP “No New Prey” a mission statement railing against hook up culture, and opportunistic men. The EP combines elements of Sludge, Hardcore, and a myriad of tempos changes that make for one of the most diverse heavy albums of the year.

Recommended Track: "Table Scraps"


Blood Ceremony- Lord Misrule

A Retro-Metal band that is innovative in the genre, and not simply paying homage. Blood Ceremony are the masters of making heavy music without imploring all of the usual tactics. Blood Ceremony are sinister without being cheesy, and unearth a new but familiar approach. 

Recommended Track: "The Rogue's Lot"

La Luna- Always Already

If you haven’t been paying attention to this band, you really need to start. La Luna are a band that blends elements of Post-Hardcore and Sludge Metal. La Luna trades in old and tired narratives of Hardcore music, for topics of consent, and sexual violence not often touched on in Hardcore music. For a new take on a familiar genre, turn to La Luna.

Recommended Track: "House Party"

Ayahuasca- Yin

Ayahuasca sophomore follow up to Plato’s Dark Horse is a masterpiece. Luke Roberts and his crew push forward heavy music in a new creative territory that has felt so necessary this year. Ayahuasca have set the bar for creativity and innovation within heavy music.

Recommended Track: "Dark Matter God"

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