Lupinore Presents: The Just Facts Podcast

Welcome to The Just Facts Podcast where your hosts, Dolphe & Yene, delve into Toronto’s artistic world. From musicians to visual artists; we aim to interact with our dope community’s many icons in the hopes of uncovering the secrets to thriving in it.

Lupinore - Just Facts_ Session 2

Just Facts : Session 5 : IT(WAS)fun

How’s it ALREADY the end of summer? *sigggggh* There was a fair share of fun happening in Toronto. From OVO to Upper Echelon, Dolphe & Yene recall some of their favourite moments from the last month(ish). Yes, we had fun.


Just Facts : Session 4 : WE(THE)CHAMPS!

Been a long time coming but we can finally say it.... WE THE CHAMPS!! After 25 years, Toronto finally wins their first Larry O'Brien trophy/ What does this mean for the city of Toronto?


Just Facts : Session 3 : mr//westonroad

And we’re back! And hopefully with a little more consistency, am I right? What do we talk about in this session? Of course the new look Raptors, the almighty Masai Ujiri, Kawhi’s new kicks and about an up and comer that might just have already made it, Clairmont The Second.


Just Facts : Session 2 : ka(wa)hi

We can't seem to agree on whether Kawhi Leonard will stay in Toronto. Although it's too early to tell, there's way too much happening in the city for him not to notice how dope Toronto is. In Session Two, we talk Toronto Raptors and Loud NanoFest including up and coming T.Dot Mcs: @bertleplug and @JHAESPAZZ.


Just Facts : Session 1 : kl(ow)t

Building clout is a painful process. But when it's your first episode and no one even knows your name, you got no choice but to do it. Listen in as Dolphe & Yene outline what needs to be done, in order to make this podcast work.


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