Trapped Under Ice- The Best of Canadian Thrash Metal

With Metallica Toronto charity show tonight at the Opera house. It's time to take a look at some of the best Metallica-inspired bands in Canada. 

1. Annihilator

Jeff Waters is the penultimate Thrash-composer; influencing a generation of Thrash bands including Children of Bodom. Sure, everyone remembers the “Alice in Hell” record, but the band has also had landmark releases such as “Set the World on Fire”, and has been an institution for up-and-coming musicians to have a chance in the music industry. Annihilator is the gold standard by which all Canadian Thrash bands are measured.

2. Adrenechrome

 Adrenechrome are a Thrash/Sludge/Progressive Metal band that marries this cornucopia of sound beautifully. Adrenechrome is a reminder of why the “Black Album” really open the doors for other Thrash bands to flex their creative muscles. Whether it’s technical guitar-work, big-choruses, or contrasting harmonies, Adrenechrome has something for everyone who loves some form of Metal music.

3. Sludgehammer

A very Death Metal tinged Thrash band with “Matters of Puppets” Influence all over them. Sludgehammer is a “riff salad” that comes at you from everywhere. Anyone familiar with the golden era of Metallica should enjoy anything off of their recent LP “The Fallen Sun”.

4. Anciients

Far more on the progressive side of Thrash than everyone else on the list, but once again showing the impact of the "Injustice for All". Anciients are one of the best things going in today’s Canadian Metal scene. “Voice of the Void” is one of the best albums of the year.

5. Krepitus

Riffs are a prominent thing on this list, and Krepitus deliver big time. Krepitus is all about the  face-melting solos. If subtly is something you do not value, then “The Eyes of the Soulless” is for you. Krepitus embody everything that is great about Thrash Metal of the 80s. 

Mark Tremblay2 Comments