Young Rival's New Video is Hype!

I want to say Young Rival’s videos are fun acid trips but Bunz may take offense to that. Instead, I’ll say their videos give us psychedelic glimpses into their creative processes, which should be a heck of a lot more blatant after you’ve enhanced your meditative state. What’s awesome is the way they do it so effortlessly.

Their latest video “Elevator” from their latest record   "Interior Light"  provides more of the same. A badass ‘dot-matrix’ rendition of a dope tune that’s catchy, cool and creative. We couldn’t ask for a better visual representation.

The video was directed by the band's John Smith which took almost two years to complete.  He’s already been profiled by the CBC's Exhibitionists about the band's videos from their studio in HamiltonInterior Light is available on CD and vinyl via Paper Bag Records.