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*This review is based in the movie NOT the bible version so if you’re religious, don’t yell at me, yell at the creators of the movie. Although doing so would do you no good since this movie came out ages ago.*
In honour of Holy Week, Jesus Christ Superstar is my obvious choice for #TBT album of the week. I've been recently informed that some of my closest friends have yet to see this masterpiece and THAT is outrageous.


This post is meant to not only enlighten, but to also encourage you and your loved one to run to your nearest blockbuster and rent it. I much prefer the movie version because of the vocalists (thanks to the director's brilliant casting choices). Director Norman Jewison, casted Ted Neely as Jesus and Carl Anderson as Judas Iscariot as the lead vocalist for this production and they contrasted each other in the most heavenly fashion (pun intended). They matched each other’s passion lyric by lyric and were the only ones who could compete vocally against one another. This made for powerful duets, absolutely thrilling and engaging for the viewers which was most gracefully highlighted in "The Last Supper". The badass 70s vocals were well complimented by the psychedelic guitar solos but the solid bass playing does not go unnoticed. I'm by no means a movie critic BUT the casting, the music and the visuals all worked in cohesion. Despite being a movie based on religious content, the writing made sure to highlight human interactions as opposed to the biblical roles of a deity and his apostate.

One of my favourite scenes involved Judas exposing Jesus for his apparent infatuation with Mary Magdalene (the implied prostitute). He sang about how Jesus’ association with her went against his own teachings. Jesus retorted with his 'cast the first stone speech' but instead the typical passive portrayal of his delivery, seen in other adaptations of the story, Jesus showed his displeasure with the comment by zealously singing the lyrics to his comeback. This Rock Opera interpreted the events in a way that added some emotional depth to Judas' traitorous nature *cue the violins*.

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He was shown as a friend who wanted to prevent Jesus from tricking the masses into believing he was their king. He believed this would lead to a war against the Romans and he'd rather Jesus be the only casualty instead of endangering the entire Jewish population. Although it was all for the greater good, he didn’t know Jesus would be executed. This version's Jesus also had a different feel. As an observer, I could tell that he was not wholeheartedly committed to his destiny until he angrily came to terms with it near the end of the movie.His delivery in “Gethsemane” is the absolute best example of this.
Overall, if you are into psychedelic rock, this movie is ultimate dopeness. You do not have to be religious to enjoy this one so put your feet up, put your stereo on blast and relax.

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