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Why is this my #TBT album of the week? Family Business . This song came up on my ipod when it was on shuffle and I was like “Dammmmmn, haven't heard this album in ages!” So I decided to give it another full listen. It is after all one of those albums you can listen to from beginning to end. If you don’t about The Fugees, this band is comprised of Praz, Wyclef and Lauryn Hill. Their music is like rum for the eardrum. The pulsating beats and lyrics have you bobbin your head up and down in public as if no one is watching. Now don't get me wrong, Wyclef does have his share of questionable rhymes ESPECIALLY in Family Business when he ignores melody and starts rapping about savings bonds but right after his verse, Lauryn Hill more than makes up for it with an array of cleverly crafted rhymes perfectly paired with a dangerous flow. I had to rewind it a few times just to make sure I heard her lyrics correctly (I later realized I could just google the lyrics).

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The genres on this record are quite eclectic (a play off of Wyclef’s second studio album titled “Ecleftic….which was not as good).They were able to place hardcore songs such as Cowboys and The Score with slower songs like Killing Me Softly, which everyone and their mothers can sing a long to. This was proven at a bar when myself and a group of strangers, were all huddled together while singing the tune when the DJ put it on. The Score came out in 1996 and topped the charts in many countries and has since been considered one of the greatest albums of all time. It has transcended its genre by captivating most of its listeners. Whether you like hip-hop or not, if you have a strong appreciation for witty lyrics and well produced beats, this is a "must check out" album.

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