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Recorded in 1968 but not released until 1997, this album was one of music’s best kept secrets. Static Age was the album that sparked my love for the Misfits. Their aggressive lyrics, the sporadic static cleverly blended into the background of their melodies are just a few elements that have branded their songs. Despite my appreciation of their music, I can’t deny that their bizarre metaphors and outlandish statements have often left me scratching my head in confusion. For instance “when new creatures rape your face” are words that should never be spoken on a public forum but one can’t help yell along to the lyrics when Hybrid Moments is blaring from your ipod headphones. I have attended three Misfit shows in my lifetime and I'm not going to lie, the first show terrified me. I left after the third song wondering to myself how people can enjoy such offensive noises. When I got home, I shared tales of the awful experience with my brother while streaming their songs as a reference point so that he could see my point of view. My argument was almost perfect, there was just one slight problem; I enjoyed every song I played. I wasn't even sure I clicked on the right band.  Realizing this band had not been fairly assessed, I searched for another opportunity to see them live. A few years later, they returned to the Phoenix and I attended with an open mind and boy was it ever blown.


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The Misfits had the crowd performing, singing and gesturing along to every word and with every passing song I found myself getting closer and closer to the stage. Three songs later, I was in the middle of a mosh pit fighting off crazed fans while having the time of my life. The distinctive quality of this group of moshers was that it comprised of a variety of fans ranging from old geezers to college cheerleaders. We all came from different walks of life brought together by one common reason, The Misfits. Their most recent show at Rockpile East on the 29th of March was just as magical as the last time I had seen them. They enticed the same emotional reactions from the crowd while bringing polar segments of society together. Static Age is my classic pick of the week.

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