What is Indie Music: The Collette Andrea Session

Collette, Collette, Collete. One of the original musicians we fell in love with when Lupinore first got started. An old school feel with a sound that entices the spirit to travel back in time, to an era when music held meaning and aroused passion. We’d like to describe her sound as a fluid hybrid of blues and folk, but we’re no experts, we just know what we like to hear (Grant can agree with us on this one… you don’t know him but he’s cool). We’ve had pleasure of watching her craft her sound over the past two years but a tingly sensation still warms the heart when we reflect upon the first time we heard her music.  A calm angst that is sad yet joyful; the sweetest oxymoron of its kind.  

Live from The Linsmore Tavern in Toronto’s East End, we sat down in a literal corner and chatted with Collette Andrea...

Posted by Lupinore on Saturday, December 5, 2015

A kind that consistently dazzles and impresses the audience leaving them yearning for more.  That faithful night, we watched the crowd chant for an encore as she attempted to finish her set. And like a true professional, she pulled out a harmonious sing-a-long from her back pocket to appease the crowd. So kick back and immerse yourself in Collette Andrea’s world. You will not be disappointed.