What is Indie Music: The Sharon Nutzati Session


I've yet to meet an indie musician more adorable than Sharon Nutzati. She exudes an awkwardness much too cute to ignore. Her sound, neatly classified under the folk section of your everyday music blog. The first time I saw her perform, I was smitten by her charisma. Her voice had a jagged smoothness that was calm yet powerful. In between her melancholic melodies, she lifted our spirits with a series of anecdotes based on her experiences. I delved into Sharon's history and uncovered that her humour was simply a coping mechanism, a thick skin she had developed having been entrenched in the music industry at such a young age. Sixteen, the age she began wandering from bar to bar, looking for opportunities to showcase her voice. Fast-foward to today, she now possesses a catalogue of experiences she's finally ready to pen. We present to you, the lovely Sharon Nutzati.