Horse Lung- Rattenkonig Ep Review

    Following up 2015’s “Gethmane’s Haze”, “Rattenkonig” shows the more sinister side of Horse Lung; dropping their Stoner Doom riffs for music that is more hypnotic and evil. Guitarist Alex Hunter forges a dissonant riff which would fit right at home on YOB’s “The Great Cessation” rather than Sleep’s “Holy Mountain”. Like all good Doom metal, the riff is a slow burn that incorporates the “variations on a theme” mantra perfectly.

    Unlike a lot of their contemporaries in the Doom genre, this track is not all about riff worship. Tamara Rayan’s bass is the lead instrument in this piece, guiding the listener from one section of the piece to the next; laying the foundation while the guitars create an ambient soundscape. The most restrained member of the band is drummer James Huffman, the glue that holds this whole piece that could so easily fall apart. Every hit is heavy, and is necessary in propelling this dirge forward.

    All in all, Rattenkonig is essential new Doom Metal for your listening pleasure. It’s great to see a band that has evolved so much in a year following their last full-length release. With this song, Horse Lung is developing a sound of their own. Be on the look out for their next release!



Mark TremblayComment