Godstopper- Who Tries Anymore EP Review


    Godstopper’s new EP “Who Tries Anymore” is Godstopper’s fully-fleshed attempt at writing heavy pop music. When “Lie Down was released, Godstopper had opened the door to writing catchy Sludge Metal tracks in a similar vein to Floor, Torche, and The Melvins . Mike Simpson, guitarist and band leader, takes these ideas from “Lie Down”, and incorporates a heavy dose of piano and vocal harmonies to them.The result is Godstopper’s most accessible release to date. 

    The EP opens with “Africa”, a solo track by Mike Simpson. The song is a haunting intro to whole EP, and featuring dissonant clean guitar, delicate piano, and strained falsetto vocals. We then move into the lead single “Shoulder”, a track veru similar to Lie Down material. This is the albums heaviest track, and features a bright Thin Lizzy guitar harmony. 

    The EP moves onto “Halfway”, a song that feels a bit inspired by Queen’s “You are my Best Friend”. The Song “Last of Her Worries” is the first ballad track written by the band, and is a definite ode to their 80s rock influence. The unsung hero on this record is drummer Adam McGillivray; complementing the subtle music, and adding accents when needed. The drums could over-power the delicate nature of the music, and yet the drummer has found a way to be subtle while adding unique fills. Overall, the EP is Godstopper’s exercise in full pop exploration. It’ll be interesting to see where the band’s material ventures next. 


Mark TremblayComment