Kids React to Drake's 'One Dance' and Some Other Songs

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Whooaa! Would do you mean these kids don’t like Drake’s dancing? Those are some serious fighting words. It’s okay though…. I *secretly* agree but don’t tell anyone. It’s always interesting to get an innocent person’s perspective on a raunchy song.  That's what makes CBC Music's latest web segment quite interesting. “But should they be listening to such smutt??” That’s basically what I said to myself prior to watching this video. But then I realized there’ lyrics aren't dirty at all! It’s only that I’ve been in a dirty setting anytime this song has been playing.  Anyhoo, these kids have some deep insights into the melodies and the rhythms of the tune, for example; when you listen to it, it makes you feel wavy. My thoughts exactly little man. They've also reviewed a whole slew of other songs that may be of interest to you. 
Check it out below!

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