Olde "Shallow Graves" Album Review

    Olde returns after two year absence with the EP “Shallow Graves”. The Toronto music super group, featuring members of Five Knuckle Chuckle, Moneen, and Sons of Otis, return with a more atmospheric and darker release. “I” sounded like a group finding itself by comprising eight very jammy tracks. On “Shallow Graves”, however, Olde sounds as if it has figured out their strengths, and are able to fully flesh out song ideas.

    “Absurd Condition” opens with a wall of guitar effects and an air raid horn, already signaling a departure of the jammy stoner tunes of past. What is immediately apparent is the addition of guitar harmonies that are splattered all across the album; Greg Dawson and Chris Hughes have flexed their creative muscles nicely in this fashion. This nicely segues into “Endless”, a track which feels like an upgraded track from “I”. Ryan Aubin, like every other project he has been in, is solid behind the kit; not overly flashy, but providing tasteful fills where needed. Olde throw in a very apt cover with Motorhead’s “Limb from Limb”. This would have made the Lemmy very proud. The cover also comes as a welcomed change ofpace. Doug MClarty vocals delivery is perfectly suited for the style.  “Shallow Graves” ends with the album best piece “The Turning” which is arguably the best piece of the whole EP; punishingly heavy, and the most psychedelic track the band has ever put out. It is a good indication of where the band is heading. 


    Overall, this is the best release by Olde; it’s highly expansive, it flexes all of their best qualities, and it showcases a lot of capabilities by the band. I’ve always stated that Olde is a great introduction to the world of Doom Metal in the best way possible; taking all of the ideas of Doom, and condensing 10 minute songs into the most potent 5 minutes possible. I’m very much looking forward to the release of their second album through small stone records.

Mark Tremblay1 Comment