Electric Island: Canada Day 2015 Edition (Review)

Electric Island Canada Day 2015 - Lupinore

DISCLAIMER: As a photographer, it is both my personal and professional duty to capture special moments in the most candid ways possible.  On Canada Day, Electric Island provided me with the opportunity to do this. Unfortunately, Electric Island was a little too electric for my camera because it seemed to have blown a fuse mid shoot.  So, I’m going to need you to use your imagination for the portions of the story that do not have photos.  Thanks!


Electric Island: Canada Day Edition 2015 lupinore

Electric Island, Canada Day Edition was the perfect place to celebrate not only Canada Day, but also life in general. Speaking with a few people the day prior to the event, I found that many people were holding off on buying tickets for fear of rain. Needless to say, the weather was in complete unison with our spirits as we danced the clouds away.  The flyer said that the party kicked off at 1pm but I’m convinced the people who showed up FOR that time never left last night’s party. They were already wired and breaking out ‘1am dance moves,’ which, oddly enough, has the exact same sex appeal in the daylight.  With no care in the world, they just flailed their arms to the beats as their little group progressively got bigger and bigger. I never shy away from a good dance party so I obviously had to join.  If you grew tired of dancing, there were ping-pong tournaments taking place on Hanlan’s Point. I personally don't get tired so that section of the island was foreign to me. Never got a chance to see it so for all I know, people could have just made it up to get me to stop jiving. 

My Favourite Moments

This epic photo was taken by Beyond The Drop. Check them out.

This epic photo was taken by Beyond The Drop. Check them out.

Marcel Dettman being a honourary Canadian for a brief moment. Yep, we got the chance to see it happen. His sweet tunes already had the crowd rocking and swaying but as soon as he pulled out our beloved flag and began waving it, the entire crowd erupted. Cheers and gesticulation ensued as everyone who had a flag took the opportunity to join in and show their patriotism as well.

Sasha just killed it because… he’s Sasha.  Winning a multitude of awards over the span of his career, we all knew we were in for a treat. As soon as he hit the stage, the crowd went nuts. Now although he has been doing this forever, his energy was both fresh and professional. Every song magically blended into one another creating a very fluid auditory experience.  With smooth transitions throughout his entire set, his musicality remained in sync with ours. Our feet just knew what they should have been doing even before we had the chance to realize what songs he was playing. Killer set. Take a listen of what you can usually expect to hear at some of his shows. 

Dennis Ferrer played it cool with his soulful house set. Honestly, I was kind of glad my camera craped out because taking steady photos while boogying would have been near impossible.  All I wanted to do that day was just have a good time. Although the sunny outdoors was the perfect place for his music, his mixes took us to another planet.  I nearly lost it when he played  Kulkid & Bender - CoCo (Night Version). Ferrer’s energy was very contagious. He danced along to his entire set so we were compelled to do the same.  No one stopped dancing. The chilled out aura he emanated and the tunes he was playing made his act my favourite of the day. Not taking anything away from the other spectacular acts I was blessed enough to enjoy, Dennis Ferrer just seemed to understand what my soul was in need of.