Review: The Luke Austin Band Live EP Release

The Luke Austin Band - EP Release - Horseshoe Tavern

The people who follow Lupinore most certainly know that The Luke Austin Band is an act I follow very closely. We’ve been family since I first launched the blog back in 2013 but oddly enough, I’ve never reviewed any of their shows.  So I figured, “Hey, why not review their EP release show!” Let me first say that there’s a reason why I follow them closely. With their music, having been branded as the traditional approach to rock and roll, I’m certain they’re the next big thing in that genre. On that faithful Friday, they played before a sold out crowd to celebrate their EP release “For No One In Particular.” The EP has drawn comparisons to the likes of Kings of Leon, The Killers and other great names in that musical relm. Band members include; Kennedy Pollard, the kickass lead guitarist, Mike Ferguson on the drums, who, despite being a recent addition to TLAB, meshes with the band as if he has been there for years. 

The Luke Austin Band - EP Release - Horseshoe Tavern - Luke Hauer

You then add the craziest bassist Toronto has ever produced; Mister Bryan Swartz.  In serious need of Ritalin, he hops back on forth on stage, laughing and enjoying life to the fullest, infecting the audience with his positive energy.  

And finally you have the very photogenic, Luke Austin. With a voice as great as his hair, his smoky vocals warm his listeners ‘ hearts with every passing song. Needless to say, the show was electric. From beginning to end, they kept the crowd singing and dancing with fan favourites such as, Alcona Skies and Long Road Home.  The best moment of the night came when the crowd brought them back for an encore. Just when you thought they were completely out of tricks, they returned to the stage and banged out a cover of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary intertwined with Eminem’s Lose Yourself.  You would have to have been there to get it.  Next time they play, I not only recommend checking them out, I strongly suggest booking the following two days off. You’ll need those days to recover from all the moshing; dancing and singing you’ll be doing at the show. Their EP is available for download on iTunes.