Best Of #BO7 (so far)

On April 14th / 15th, the Capitol Event Theater was turned into a metaphorical crime scene; battle rappers' honours had assaulted and careers murdered. KOTD, not wanting to traumatize the viewers, have been slowly rolling out the bouts from Blackout 7 over these past few months leading up to their next event, Massacre 3 . If you haven't attended one of their events yet, stop slacking. Anyways, here are some of the highlights from Blackout 7. 

Gjonaj vs Chilla Jones

At the time, I thought this was wasn't. Chilla Jones got disrespectful by expanding on Gjonaj's power lines. Them Mario Bros schemes.....nasty. Not to say Gjonaj didn't have bars, because he did.

Chilla Jones just made it look too easy.

A. Ward vs DNA


I'm going to give this one to DNA. A.Ward definitely had some jabs but DNA just happened to throw a few more. I admit it, a few of A.Ward's bars went over my head the first time so I might change my mind 8 months from now.

Cortez vs Daylyt

I wish I could opt out of picking a winner for this one. This battle was tighhhhhhht. Essentially it was a Vegeta vs Goku type battle, could've gone either way if it wasn't for that spirit bomb. 

Dizaster vs Serius Jones


This one was weird. Serius was serious but not as serious as Dizaster was until Dizaster started pulling some shady shit. I felt Dizaster was more focused on gimmicks. Serius Jones won this battle while also keeping it classy.

KOTD Rap Battle #Blackout7 was nuts so we figured we should share some of our favourite moments! Hosted by: Organik, Gully TK & Bishop Brigante

Posted by Lupinore on Friday, June 9, 2017
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