How Do We Save Toronto's Music Scene?

It's no secret that Toronto's music scene has taken a beating over the past couple of years. Senses Unscene aims at addressing these problems with some of the best creative minds Toronto has to offer. The objective; to speak about the housing crisis that has indirectly affected music venues across the city.

"Music venues in Toronto have been facing an unprecedented crisis due to the rising real estate market. Since late 2016, Hoxton, Central, Holy Oak, Harlem, SoyBomb and The Hard Rock Cafe have closed. Furthermore, The Hideout, Cherry Colas, The Silver Dollar and Hughs Room have faced the threat of closure. We are hoping to open a discussion with city hall and the Toronto Music Alliance Council who's mandated to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas. We are inviting independent entrepreneurs, promoters and those in various creative communities to attend. We intend to use our resources to find a solution to save and or protect one venue at a time.

Mayor John Tory said that improving the city's music scene was one of his goals after his election in 2014. John Tory and Ward 15 councilor Josh Colle (co-chair of TMAC) released a statement on February 2 stating, “We would like the music community to know that we take the matter extremely seriously and are actively taking steps to address it.” We hope that the Mayor and his council can help with our discussions to find a real tangible solution. 

Roadhouse Music and The Scene Magazine have decided to make a small difference by throwing this unique event which displays some of Toronto's top talent."

Performers Include: 
Huge Cosmic
Moon Tan
Mad Machines
Other Families
Andrew Podolio
Kat Chloe


If you want to take part, join us on April 21 and 22 for one of the best music panel discussions you've ever seen.

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