Backbiters "Backbiters" album review

Coliseum meets Floor”; the best way to describe Backbiters’s approach to heavy music. With a lineup consisting of former members from Crux of Aux and Shallow North Dakota, the band brings a surprisingly clean and sharp approach to their craft. 

The album starts off with the single “Jerkyll”: a TAD worship track that featuring strangled guitars and chaotic drums. We then move into driving Hardcore with “Sourdough” that then shifts into the sludgy “hands out”. The latter feels right at home with Floor or the self titled Era Torche; striking a perfect balance of heavy and melodic. 

The album really kicks into its Noise-Rock roots with “Take it Slow’ and “Fresh Widow”; a cross between Kittens and Ken Mode. There are many chaotic elements to the record, but the drummer brings everything together. This album is a must for fans of all things distorted. 

Mark TremblayComment