Godstopper/Great Sabatini EP Review

    The Great Sabatini/Godstopper split has something for everyone who loves heavy music. The EP starts with The Great Sabatini, a Montreal based Sludge Metal band not afraid to experiment with their sound. The EP begins with “I’m Not the Man of the Hour”. The song quickly gets heavy with a myriad of down-tuned riffs, and frenetic drums. Drummer Steve Vargas is the highlight of the song by incorporating a variety of drum blasts over slow plodding riffs. 

    We then segue into “Shortwave Radio”; a haunting interlude comprised of wind chymes and distorted voiceover. This moves perfectly into “The Ear Collect”; full of signature Sabatini riffs and groves. The song is once again highlighted by the rhythm section; bassist Joey Cormier leads the song with an intricate bass line mirrored by the drums. The side ends with the track “Dog Years (Quiet)”, featuring droning acoustic guitars that feel like the beginning of a new album that is yet to come. The door is wide open for whatever the band wants to release next.

    The second side starts off with a bang. Godstopper, a Toronto based Sludge Metal/Noise Rock band. Godstopper’s “It’s Alright”, is the heaviest riff ever written by the band. Those thinking that the band might be done with heavy music are pleasantly mistaken. The song has a swing tempo change in the middle, which highlights some dual guitar solo harmonies. The next track, “A Prayer” is the bleakest track ever written by Godstopper; filled with lots of low end bass and strangled vocals by frontman Mike Simpson. Overall, this EP is a welcomed addition by both bands, and maybe the best EP to come out this year.

Mark TremblayComment