The Tallest Man on Earth Show Review

Talles Man

Lady Lamb opened for The Tallest Man on Earth on Monday night at The Danforth Music Hall.  She did not have a band accompany her, it was only herself and her guitar. She started her set with a song sung with only her beautiful voice. Her voice could fill up a room with out the assistance of a band or a guitar. The room went completely silent as everyone was taken back from the beauty of her voice. For the rest of her set, she played with her electric guitar. I really enjoyed her songs and her stage presence. She owned the stage with her indie rock vibe and didn't hold back her emotions. She was a pleasure to watch and listen to. 

The Tallest Man on Earth was so incredible. He’s a jolly little man that loves what he does. He started his show with his band and played variations of some of this older songs that are usually only sung with by one guitar. Throughout the show, he alternated between playing with his band and playing solo. I’m not sure which one i preferred, both styles showed different sides of his music. He danced around the stage for the majority of the show and was surprisingly very theatrical. I thought he would have been calm and collected, sitting on a chair, playing his guitar.

My favourite song of the night was one of his brand new songs called “Time of the Blue”. It’s a very simplistic song played only by the Tallest Man himself. It sounds like a more mature version of some of his earlier songs. It has that raw guitar and singing voice where you feel as if he singing directly to you. It is one of his more depressing songs but never the less beautiful and even makes you want to cry a little inside (I had to keep myself composed during the song, not going to lie).

The room was silent as we listened to him strum his guitar and sing effortlessly. You could tell how comfortable he was being on stage, he’s definitely a pro at performing. He is definitely one of a kind.

Briar KoskiComment