Which Ice Cream Flavour Are You?


As a child, you’re always forced into eating a full meal before being able to enjoy dessert. Well, the paradox is that you CAN'T really enjoy it on a full stomach. You're forcing feeding yourself into a tummy ache, which is not the ideal way to savour every bite, especially when it comes to ice cream. But when you’re a grownup… NO ONE CAN TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!! That’s right, yesterday, Baskin-Robbins invited us to try out their newly launched warm cookie ice cream sandwiches and sundaes. Now, a mature grownup would have opted for lunch first but not me. I had to make sure I had ample belly space for as a way to ensure a gluttonous experience.  

Anyways, we got to try these I.C Sammies, which turned out to be delicious, amorous yet polygamous marriage, between cookies and ice cream.  (I say polygamous because the cookies did not have to be the same kind of cookie so it was technically 3 ingredients, a threesome if you will. And I say amorous because your taste buds can really tell that these ingredients were working really hard to make it this lovely union work for the sake of your sense of taste.  After a few minutes of consuming an excessive amount of ice cream, the sugar levels gradually led me to a state of intoxication causing me to daydream about ice cream flavors that defined musicians. These are the top five I came up with and I challenge you to find a flaw in my line of reasoning: 


Love Potion #31 – Ed Sheeran  

Ingredients: Cupid’s white chocolate and raspberry ice creams swirled with a raspberry ribbon and loaded with raspberry-filled cups and chocolate chips. 

How is this NOT Ed Sheeran?! You know he's got that lovely rasp(berry) in his voice. He just sits there, crooning love songs day and night with rich white chocolate sounds reminiscent of a classic Motown sound. 


Pink Bubble Gum – Justin Bieber 

Ingredients: Bubblegum flavoured ice cream with pieces of candy-coated bubblegum.

Some would call him the new king of pop and no ice cream pops more than bubble gum ice cream. Traditionally, pink has been labeled as an ‘effeminate’ colour, but has recently undergone a genderless transformation, like Bieber’s fan base. 

justin bieber - ice -cream

Rocky Road – Adele

Ingredients: Chocolate ice cream loaded with roasted almonds and miniature marshmallows. 

Ummmm, have you heard her lyrics? This lovely Mademoiselle has been through a lot.  Her music has allowed us to accompany her on her long emotional journey. And besides, roasted almonds = roasted exes. I’m also assuming her hugs are soft and comforting, like a marshmallow. They’d have to be...she’s a loving parent. I’d totally long hug Adele. 



Gary Clark

World Class Chocolate – Gary Clark Jr.

Ingredients: What a wonderful world! Rich white chocolate flavored mousse ice cream swirled with even richer milk chocolate flavored mousse ice cream

World class guitarist. No words are needed to explain his fingering skills.  And he doesn’t seem to be braggadocio, which shows us more of that world class personality of is. The chocolate part is obviously because... his music is sweet with a slight hint of bitterness. It is the blues after all. Oh and he’s complexion. That’s also pretty chocolate-y. 

taylor swift ice cream

Vanilla - Taylor Swift

 Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream made with fresh cream and real vanilla. Perfect by itself but plays well with others.

Most people like vanilla; super plain yet still delicious. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little vanilla in our lives. It goes with EVERYTHING but there’s nothing crazy and wild about it. It just meshes well with everything in a safe way, just like Taylor Swift.  She collaborates with everyone and their mothers and really dilutes the intensity of some of those other flavours out there but in a tasteful way.  *cough* Bad Blood *cough* It’s that flavor you want when you are looking to get too crazy.

Maggie - Baskin

Anyhoo! Ice cream is rock and roll so the next time you’re at your local Baskin-Robbins, I strongly urge you to try the Ed Sheeran + Gary Clark Jr Sundae. They definitely wont know what you’re talking about but wouldn’t they make for a great union? 

Anyways the sugar rush eventually left me and as I descended back into reality, I offered my good friend Maggie an ice cream sandwich and this is how THAT conversation went:

Rhandy: Hey Maggie Do you want an Ice Cream Sandwich? 
Maggie: No because I'm gluten free but this is awesome! Can you eat some of the cone so I can get to more ice cream? 

Totally thought that was worth mentioning. 


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