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Guess who's back? Back again. That's right our "summer is over and welcome back Lupinore" #tbt album of the week is none other than "The Eminem Show". Dopeness in your ear is the only description that comes to mind when referring to this album. Eminem's 4th installment, is not only one of my favourite hip hop records but it is also my go to work out album (although I don't do it much).

Released in 2002, this album had one of the most confusing release dates ever. Despite being slated for a June 4th released, piraters had already gotten their hands on it and began  sharing it online. To deal with the problem, the record company decided to release it prematurely. They moved the date to May 28th but a retailers had decided to start selling on the Sunday. Nonetheless, all the craziness, it still sold a crapload of copies and critics dubbed this as Eminem's maturation album. Fantastic beats, a touch of rock influence and witty commentary regarding politics, his successes, legal issues and other personal matters. It was a difficult choice to make but, my two favourite songs from the album are "Business" and "Till I collapse"  just because of their sheer brilliance.  Proof being, not being able to read the lyrics out loud. This clearly shows Eminem's lyrical mastery over such complex wordplay.

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I love the album because his lyrics are witty, his flow is just majestic and he did it consistently, song after song. His ability to switch his flow keeps you on the edge of your seat and his story telling abilities takes you inside his mind allowing you to experience the craziness that is Marshall Matters.

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