Rhandy Adolphe

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Jenny Meya

Jenny meya is a multidisciplinary artist in Toronto with a focus on poetry and visual art. Her background in social science and public relations allows her to fuse both disciplines and her artistic talents to better understand discrepancies among marginalized individuals. Jenny appreciates her curiosities and wonders especially in a time where accuracy in storytelling is becoming more crucial in media. She believes that the more we accept our minds as an oddity; the more likely we are to find true authenticity in our stories.

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Tara Sanayei

Jess Stewart-Lee

Jess Stewart-Lee is a third-year student at the University of Toronto, studying Cinema Studies and Diaspora Studies. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Jess loves the outdoors and everything in it. Her favourite bands are Bon Iver, Of Monsters and Men, Halsey, and every single one that she never Shazam’d in time to get the name.




Elle Côté

I'm Elle, a 23 year-old journalism student. I have a multitude of interests, including subjects such as animal welfare, the environment, and music (duh). I keep a pretty open mind in terms of what I listen to, with self-curated playlists including Nirvana, Etta James, and Shakey Graves. Recently, I've been listening to more folk and jazz acts, respectively, but am certainly down to listen to some good ol' 90s pop or a song or two by Drake. Always looking for the next song I put on repeat.


Tara Sanayei

Born and raised in Toronto as an indie music lover, Tara knows the local music scene inside and out.  Being a lover of all things vintage, music is the only art she loves new – as in recorded yesterday in your basement “new”.  Tara loves eccentric clothing and explaining why film photography is better than digital.